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Latin Pop Classics
Plays the biggest Latin pop songs of all times.
Plays a diverse mix of Jazz, Samba and Bossa Nova from Brazil.
Plays a blend of Argentinean and international tango.
Canciones Romanticas
Canciones Romanticas plays a mix of the best romantic and love songs from the world of Latin music.
Cinco De Mayo
Get your Cinco De Mayo fiesta going with the best Latin artist around
Americana Music
Plays contemporary music that uses elements of various American roots music styles.
Brazilian Rock
Plays the hottest songs by the most popular Brazilian rock bands.
Alternative Latin
Plays a mix of alternative Latin music with influences of rock and many other blended genres.
Latin Top 100
Plays the hottest tracks from the top 100 hottest Latin artists
Hot Latin Pop
Plays the hottest Latin Pop tracks based on the today's top Latin charts
Latin Ballads
Get into the mixture of your favorite Latin ballads.
Plays brass-based traditional diverse music influenced by Mexican pop, rock, and cumbias.
Latin's Top Hits
Plays some of your all time favorite and top Latin hits.
Playing Latin upbeat dance music from the biggest artists.
Plays a mix of dancehall, ragga & reggae.
Bachata Hits
Bachata combines African elements & Latin/Caribbean rhythms to tell ballads and tales of heartbreak.
Latin Summer BBQ
Get the Salsa flowing and dance the day away with the songs from the Latin Summer BBQ
Latin Anthems
Plays a mix of Latin party songs that will celebrate the culture.
Latin Workout
Keep yourself motivated and pumped through your workout with these Latin and Latin-inspired hits