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Irish Pub Songs
Plays a mix of Irish songs and Celtic music that'll get you in that drinking mood.
Americana Music
Plays contemporary music that uses elements of various American roots music styles.
Best Of The British Invasion
Plays the very best songs from the historic mid-1960's British Invasion to the USA.
Latin Pop Classics
Plays the biggest Latin pop songs of all times.
Plays moombahton, a fusion of Dutch electro and reggaeton.
Plays a diverse mix of Jazz, Samba and Bossa Nova from Brazil.
Plays a blend of Argentinean and international tango.
Listen to Flamenco's most prominent artists and enjoy a touch of the Iberian peninsula.
Classic Bollywood
Plays a wide variety of the best classic songs from Bollywood.
Reggaeton Party Hits
Plays a mix of your favorite Reggaeton party hits that will be sure to make you get up and dance.
Alternative Latin
Plays a mix of alternative Latin music with influences of rock and many other blended genres.
Celebraciones de Navidad
Plays a variety of Christmas music to get your celebracione started - feliz navidad!
Merengue Hits
Beats perfect for dancing at an island party or simply for getting in that celebratory mood
World Music
Plays an eclectic blend of worldbeat, ethnic & folk music.
Latin Anthems
Plays a mix of Latin party songs that will celebrate the culture.
Ska / Rocksteady
Plays Jamaican & International ska /rocksteady music.
Plays norteno music, which is a type of Mexican music. You will hear a lot of accordions and bajo sextos in norteno music.
Plays a mix of dancehall, ragga & reggae.
Reggae Rock Hits
Plays a blend of Reggae Rock hits that will keep you dancing all night long.
Plays music based on popular narrative combined with poetry.
Plays the biggest Reggae tunes form the most famous singers in the genre.
Brazilian Tracks
Plays a mixture of your very favorite, unmistakably Brazilian tracks.
Reggae Hits
The most essential Jamaican Reggae songs mixed with classic songs from UK, US & Africa.
Pinoy Music
Plays a mix of musical styles from the Philippines.
Protest Hits
Plays the best protest songs from a variety of different movements.
Latin Top 100
Plays the hottest tracks from the top 100 hottest Latin artists
Plays a mix of Korean Pop artists of today
Bollywood Hits
Plays a diverse mix of classic & contemporary Bollywood hits.
Cajun and Zydeco
Plays fast and upbeat Cajun and Zydeco music often dominated by the button or piano accordion.
Latin Ballads
Get into the mixture of your favorite Latin ballads.
Plays a diverse mix of the best Celtic, New Age and Irish folk songs.
Latin's Top Hits
Plays some of your all time favorite and top Latin hits.
Plays the best Nigerian & international Afrobeat music.
Traditional Folk Hits
A collection of the most essential folk songs of all time
Cumbias Sonideras
Plays the best cumbias from the heart of Mexico City.
Get your feet moving to the songs of Mariachi.
Spanish Ballads
An eclectic collection of Spanish language ballads from Spain, Latin America, and the Caribbean.
La Blogotheque
Here's some of the best studio recording La Blogotheque's have featured