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Whistle was an American 1980s hip hop and R&B group, consisting of Jazzy Jazz, Kool Doobie, and DJ Silver Spinner. They later brought in Kraze and then Terk after Kool Doobie left the group to go solo. Their biggest hit single was "(Nothing Serious) Just Buggin" in 1986. Their first two albums, Whistle, released in 1986, and Transformation, released in 1988, were produced by Kangol Kid from UTFO and DJ Howie Tee. Whistle released a third album, Always and Forever, in 1990, also produced by Kangol Kid, and a fourth album, Get The Love, in 1992.

Their love ballads included: "Chance For Our Love" (1986), "Please Love Me" (1986), "Right Next To Me" (1988), their cover version of Heatwave's "Always and Forever" (1990), and "If You Don't Say" (1992). Jazzy Jazz went on to form another group G.H.P.(Group Home Productions) with Free Daydreamer of the group Entouch, and Will Skillz of the group Pure Blend.